What is A Diaper Subscription

When you have to take care of a baby some things spring up that you never anticipated.


Every parent knows that they will be on diaper duty when they have a child, but the challenges of this duty are something few are prepared for when the time comes.

The real challenge is having what you need on hand when, well, when you actually need it. This comes in all sorts of forms. For example it never comes to fail that when you are changing a diaper something, even trivial is just out of reach. As time goes on you will have more experience with exactly what you need. And you will make sure you have it on hand. Having diapers on hand is one thing that can be a real challenge. It is hard to gauge what you need. Some days you will go through just a couple of diapers. You may need two or three, then another day you will go through five of them before noon.

And what does that mean?

A trip to the store for diapers.

But what if the diapers came to you?

There are a lot of diaper subscription programs out there. They try and solve the problem of never having diapers on hand when you most need them. They make it even more attractive offering you 15-20% discounts on the retail price, which to be fair which parent wouldn’t love to save some money.

So what does this all mean to you?

There are subscription programs like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, but there are others from other retail stores, though Amazon offers one of the better discounts at 20% off. That means that you could get 164 size 5 pampers for around $22.00.

Now that we know what a diaper subscription is the real question should be asked.

Do diaper subscriptions work?

This really depends.

One of the common problems with diaper subscriptions is that you need to anticipate how many diapers you need. This isn’t always easy since you may end up with more diapers than you need one month and the next you might be running low, or out all together.

One nice thing with the Amazon, and I can’t verify this with others but I would imagine they follow suite, you can change the size of diaper as you go. So you maybe a size 4 one month and move to size 5 for the next shipment. The main problem comes in estimating what you need so that you either get the most out of the service without additional diaper runs, which is counterproductive when you are on a subscription plan.

Do they work?

That depends. Your results may vary.

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