Welcome to Sweet Peas Primitives

When you look around there is a sea of information for you to choose from, this includes: books, videos, and websites. What makes Sweet Peas Primitives different? Honestly? Nothing. And I don’t try to either.

Sweet Peas Primitives is a look at parenting from my perspective.

And that is about it. I just happen to write about it. From time to time at least. If you are a parent you know what I mean.

I am not going to say that Sweet Peas Primitives offer you a world of opportunities when it comes time to honor mom, that isn’t my goal. It is your job to help her welcome your bundle of joy into the world.

Sweet Peas Primitives is pretty chaotic, much like your home in the first weeks and months once your baby is finally there. This means that one day I might be talking baby showers and welcoming party options and the next how to survive the smell of that atomic bowel movement you need to clean up. It really just depends on my day. And honestly that is what a lot of parenting is about. Rolling with the punches and being flexible.

You’re Not going to know how to do everything, you will make mistakes, and in the end you will figure it out.