Simple Yet Effective Advice To Parenting

There are a lot of things to get used to when you have a baby. We hear stories about friends or family members who haven’t slept more than five hours a night for over a year. Colicy babies, and diaper duty gone horribly amiss. None of these things will necessarily happen, they might all happen, or some completely different set of events might be in store for you. It really has yet to be seen.

Still there is good news, it does usually get better before long. And there are a few things that you can do to make things easier.

  • One thing new parents do when they bring their baby home is tiptoe around like they are on egg shells. Don’t be afraid to make noise. When you put your baby down to sleep you are free to move about your home. Your baby will soon learn to sleep through it. This will give you more chances to take advantage the time you have while they sleep. This might give you a chance to do a load of clothes, vacuum the carpets, or prepare supper. When you actively move around your home and take care of the necessities you will see that they really can sleep through almost anything. It isn’t because they have been conditioned to the noise it is because it is a familiar part of their life. Unfamiliar sounds will likely wake them up.
  • When you are recovering in the hospital it might become a topic about having the baby sleep in the nursery, this might give you a chance to rest but you might also be pushing off the real stress until late. Babies can get used to sleeping with the lights on really quick. This can make putting them to bed very difficult when you bring them home because they have been trained to sleep when it was night out. Day/night training is very important and keeping the baby in the hospital room will help acclimate them.
  • If your wife decides to breast feed, the first few days are going to be extremely painful. This is where you come in. Try to make her as comfortable as possible. This includes plenty of back rubs and anything else that will give her some relief during this period of her life.
  • Expect crying. There will be a lot of crying. You may wonder why. There will be crying even though the baby isn’t hungry, their diaper is dry, and they seem to be fine. Human contact helps a lot here and you baby may just be seeking contact. Skin contact is extremely soothing for a baby. Patients is the key here since babies cry for a lot of different reasons.

Of course those are just some scenarios and there are so many more.

Take the time to see what other parents have encountered while they transition through the various stages of parental development to try and learn what could be potentially on the horizon.

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