Ignoring The Idiots

Even before your child is born you will be getting more unsolicited advice than you can possibly imagine. It will come in all different shapes and sizes from every possible source. From your sister who just had twins, to the mailman you will be deluged with advice on how to be the “perfect” parent.

Don’t worry. This is normal.

And it will usually stop.

Should you use all of this advice?


The reason: Most unsolicited advice is pretty bad. Unless it is from a trusted source or your pediatrician you should really think twice before putting it to use.

Idiots will give you advice, some of which is harmless, other times it is to try and turn you to their delusional ways of thinking. One example of bad advice, are those that tell you to let you your baby cry in its crib. The reason? They will tell you that if you don’t, if you sooth them they will grow up to be a brat. The truth is they don’t know what they are talking about, either they are damaged or they are following advice that will damage their child.

Your natural parental gut instinct is rush to comfort the baby right away.

This does several things. First, it is usually easy to figure out what’s wrong, second you will give the baby a feeling of security that has lasting psychological benefits.

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