Finding Baby Bargains

Babies like weddings come with a higher price tag. Many companies choose to charge a premium for baby related products. Some are of exceptional quality, others are just exceptionally expensive.

While I am not going to name names, many of you will have already seen this first hand as you begin to price and research the different aspects of your child’s nursery.

When you are looking for the real deal it can be helpful to research who offers the best prices. Who offers the best quality. And who offers the best of both. There is a book that I thought I might recommend, the book is called, Baby Bargains, it was a great resource on what to spend money on and what to save on. Many things seem like they hold the top priority when it comes a nursery. Offers for $400.00 cribs have to be good due to the high ticket cost. But the truth is that if you shop around there are plenty of other opportunities out there.

Cribs can be purchased from IKEA for $69.00. And while this may sound low, the IKEA cribs are mostly wood. The few particle board pieces the cribs contain low/no formaldehyde which made them one of Consumer Reports’ best buys. This reputation was tarnished when IKEA made a recall on some mattresses that shipped with the crib in 2015 because it was learned that in some cases the baby should become trapped between the headboard and mattresses. While the $400.00 cribs might not have to deal with the same recall fears it is still $330.00 more expensive than what IKEA offers who has worked hard to repair the damage done by the recall.

This is just one example of how shopping around can benefit your wallet and your child’s room.

Finding bargains for your baby’s nursery isn’t about being cheap. It is about finding the best option that fits your budget.

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