A Fighting Chance

Everybody knows, or should know how detrimental it is to fight in front of their children. It is emotionally damaging, creating a situation that children interpret as dangerous, threatening their emotional stability.

This has long been a known and many studies have proven the effect that fighting in front of children has on them.

Is this to say that, while we know the effects that it has on children, we will never do it? Even under the best circumstances it is possible that it may happen.

I you fight with your spouse in front of your kids you should also make it a point to patch things up with your spouse in front of them too. At least like this you don’t expose them to the wrong thing and hide the important part. By showing them that while you might have been in disagreement you can resolve problems together as well.

And under no circumstance should you ever force your child/ren to divide their loyalties.

This simple piece of wisdom, while logical is one that many couples fail to use. Why? It doesn’t matter. If you happen to disagree use it. It will help you bond with your spouse and create a better relationship with your child/ren (the solving of the disagreement, not the fighting).

Most things are simple when looked at from a critical perspective when it comes to doing your job as a parent correctly. Much of which boils down to not sharing your problems with your child/ren.

One final example would be to never let your child/ren know your financial troubles. That isn’t to say that you should tell them they can’t have something “just because”, nor does that mean that you have to buy them things you can’t afford simply because they want it. Be responsible, explain how things work in a way that they can understand without burdening them with the too harsh reality.

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